The Gas Station And 6 Other Places To Make A Quick Stop For A Great Holiday Gift

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The Gas Station And 6 Other Places To Make A Quick Stop For A Great Holiday Gift

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Time is dwindling down, and now youve left yourself without a sufficient opening to shop for the holidays. Whats a procrastinator to do? Dont fret. Weve got tips for gifting from places you would never expect and may even need to go, anyway, so you can get yourself out of a bind and make a great impression

The supermarket

You have several good options here. The key is having some semblance of what you want before you walk in the door so you dont spend all your time aimlessly walking around.

1. The Cosmetics aisle - Didnt know the market had a cosmetics aisle? They sure do, and its filled with great gift ideas. There may be some pre - boxed makeup sets. Thats a good start, but itll make an even bigger impact if you thoughtfully package it with makeup wipes, Q - tips, and Kleenex. Now, put it all in the basket from the housewares or home deacute;cor aisle. You can pull off the same idea for men by choosing a shaving kit or razors, aftershave, face and/or hand lotion, etc.

2. Go to the kitchen aisle, where you should be able to find some pots and pans, dishes, and various kitchen items. Grab a large decorative bowl or a big pot. Line with a kitchen towel, and fill with small kitchen items like wooden spoons andnbsp;serving pieces.

3. Use the same idea with the pot or bowl but fill it with gourmet food. Grab good bottles of oil and vinegar, gourmet olives, pickles, exotic spices, and then head for the deli counter for gourmet cheese, lunch meat, and a good loaf of crusty bread. This will be especially appreciated by the person hosting a get - together because it makes an instant appetizer.

The drug store

This is a treasure trove of gifts. Lots of cosmetics here too, and some packaged holiday items you can grab and go. You know what else they have? Greeting cards. Pick a good one and you earn bonus points. Typically, they also have a Redbox outside. Go old school by picking out a couple of videos, and then go inside and get some microwave popcorn, favorite candy, and a bottle of wine, six - pack of beer, or soda.

The Dollar Store

There are some great finds at the Dollar Store and then there are some items that make it pretty obvious where they were purchased. Bypass all of it and head for the balloon counter. Mylar balloons here are one of the best deals youll find anywhere. And, at 1 apiece, you can buy a huge bouquet and make your giftees day.


Theres likely to be a Starbucks within a short distance from home. You could go pick up a gift card, which will always be appreciated. But, take the extra step and get a mug and a pound of brew, too, and youll score extra points.

The gas station

Pick a station that has a walk - in store and youll find all kinds of gift options. Overwhelmed or underwhelmed by the choices? Lottery tickets are a winning gift every time - as long as the person you are buying them for is of age

The car wash

We all need to wash our car from time to time, right? A pre - paid pack of washes, or, even better, a car detailing, might be perfect for your giftee.

The liquor store

Yes, you can grab a bottle of wine just about anywhere. The advantage to hitting a liquor store or wine store is being able to get recommendations, find a nice gift bag and maybe even a set of glasses.

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