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Global Financing Services Inc. is dedicated to finding financing opportunities for real estate purchases across the globe. We have a vast network of banks and private lenders that will evaluate each independent buyers needs and find the most opportune and financially sensible plans available.

Global collaborates with developers and real estate brokerages to provide its clients with the best service available in the industry and support them on all transactions which concern financing and its various alternatives.

Today’s financial markets are difficult and oftentimes cumbersome to navigate; buyers often make innocent mistakes on their application or simply don’t have the time and resources to explore diverse financing opportunities among lenders. Global Financing Services acts as a consultant through the transaction, assisting the Buyers and the Sellers throughout the entire transaction in order to ensure optimal satisfaction with all parties involved. We assist the buyers based upon their unique profile and needs in order to find not only the best financing plan for them but also the one that will allow them to guarantee a closing.

Below are some of the services provided by Global Financing Services. Our representatives will always keep in touch with the Seller/Broker/Borrower throughout the process:

  • Interviewing the buyer to determine if they have already signed an existing contract for the purchase of a property or if they are in the initial stages of obtaining a pre-qualification.
  • Determining the fundamental parameters for the loan or transaction such as the LTV needed or required by the lender. This also includes information about their assets, the location of their assets, unique financial needs and evaluation of collateral.
  • An accurate evaluation of credit worthiness dependent on customer’s nationality, expediting the process and ensuring the customer is qualified to go through with the transaction.
  • During the completion and processing of the loan application a trained representative of Global Financing Services will review and inform the buyer of any missing information and respond quickly in order to satisfy any underwriter needs or requests for further documentation, essentially anticipating issues that may slow down the transaction process.
  • Identifying lenders and determining the appropriate program that is best suited to a particular buyer.
  • Completing the loan package and submitting it directly to the lender.
  • Clearing any lender conditions and restrictions while collaborating with the lender to ensure a streamlined and error free transaction during the underwriting phase.
  • Coordinating with the title and/or closing company in the country where the property is located.
  • Funding the loan while ensuring any open or existing commitments have been closed or satisfied.

Complete customer satisfaction is paramount at Global Financial Services and its staff is highly trained in taking care of any financing transaction regardless of size and scope.

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