Refinishing Stairs The Best Types of Paint for Indoor and Outdoor Stairs

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Refinishing Stairs: The Best Types of Paint for Indoor and Outdoor Stairs

Written By: Keith Riley

Refinishing stairs doesnt have to be a daunting project. Whether you want to give your interior stairs a makeover or just fix the peeling paint on the back deck, theres a perfect paint for the job.

Read on to learn what types of paint are best for freshening up your interior and exterior stairs.nbsp;

The Best Paint for Outdoor Stairs

Outdoor stairs undergo a lot of wear and tear. Not only do they have to stand up to frequent foot traffic, but theyre exposed to all kinds of weather, too.nbsp;

For that reason, youll need to use a highly durable paint. For wood stairs in particular, your best bet is 100 acrylic exterior paint. There are types of acrylic paint specifically for use on porches, floors, and exterior stairs.nbsp;

Youll want to avoid paints with a very glossy finish. Semi-gloss and high-gloss paints can be slippery, especially when wet.

For the safest results, stick to a satin or eggshell finish. These finishes are glossy enough to resist stains and are easily cleaned, but theyre not so glossy as to be a slipping hazard. For extra safety, you can add a non-slip additive to your paint for extra texture andnbsp;slip resistance.nbsp;

The Best Paint for Indoor Stairs

Although indoor stairs are more protected than outdoor stairs, they still need to withstand a lot of use. For that reason, 100 acrylic paint is also a good choice for indoor stairs.nbsp;

As for the best finishes, satin and eggshell are good choices. Indoor stairs can also benefit from semi-gloss paint, as it is easy to clean and wont be as much of a slipping hazard.nbsp;

If youre planning on painting your indoor stairs in different colors, you might consider different paint finishes, too. For example, you could paint the risers and spindles in a semi-gloss paint and use a lower luster paint for the railings and treads for increased safety.nbsp;nbsp;

Paint Designnbsp;Ideas for Refinishing Stairs

Once youve got the right paint for the job, its time to unleash your creativity. There are many interestingnbsp;ways to paint your stairsnbsp;to turn them from me>

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Like the look of a >

Think outside the box in terms of color. You can also usenbsp;creative methodsnbsp;like stencils and wallpaper.nbsp;

Refinishing Stairs for a Fresh, New Look

A fresh coat of paint is a simple way to instantly transform the look of your stairs and brighten the entire area around them. If youre considering refinishing stairs in your home, its important to have all the right paints and tools for the job. That way, youre sure to make your vision a reality.nbsp;

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