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Ready For Social Media Change?

Written By: PJ Wade

Change dominates social media. Yet, changes to how users are required to interact with social media platforms always seem to cause surprise and frustration, particularly from business users.

Often theres little point in complaining about significant imposed change. Platform owners like Google and Facebook believe users receive a "free ride" and plenty of benefits. In exchange, users must adapt to change, which is usually labeled "updating."

Platform owners work diligently to grow their user base, their revenue, and their valuations. Their "we love you" messages are designed to draw users in and mask owners intent to use everything at their disposal to grow and become more valuable.

Many real estate professionals and brokerage owners >Continual adaptation to platform growth is the norm for users.

Do not >Privacy and data usage policies have been under fire on and off over the years, but the recent Facebook admission of data manipulation has brought discussion out in the open. Platforms and tech companies offered free services to attract users and entice them to share personal data. Many users did not realize their digital information was widely-used by these platforms and their partners to generated millions in revenue. The backlash from Facebooks exposure has it[mdash;]and many other organizations[mdash;]making changes to privacy policies and data management which will affect users

and businesses. Will these updates alter the way you conduct business with prospects and clients on Facebook and similar social media platforms?

Algorithms are continually updated by search master Google, purportedly to ensure ranking fairness on its search engine results pages SERPs. Webmasters are required to be aware of and adjust to these updates, some very small, as part of blog and site management. Major changes like the Panda and Penguin algorithm updates had wide spread impact a few years ago. Are you confident your webmaster is alert to ongoing changes significant to your client base and practice or business?

Terms of use may be altered at will by platforms, but not by users. Conformity, not stand-out tactics, is required of users. The way things work changes as platforms gain users and as new technology emerges. In February, Google removed the "View Image" button from searches, a short-cut for viewing, and often capturing, the usually higher resolution image without visiting the host site. The href= target="_blank">"Visit" button remains, so users must go to the image hosts webpages to search for and view the original image. Is this a positive or negative for you? You can still access the original image without visiting the website, but many users may not know how to right-click and achieve this.

How users may communicate with their followers changes. Tweeter modified its terms of service earlier this year and ended "evergreen" and automated Tweets, which many online businesses and marketers >Brands before people, when adopted as market-expansion policy and priority, makes seemingly-illogical change inevitable. App Snapchat rolled-out a major redesign last November which seemed geared to an older demographic. In doing so, Snapchat apparently-unwittingly alienated its major younger-user groups. If you >Customized searches recently took a hit as Google discontinued a user practice of receiving localized search results for locations other than their own by using different Google domains mdash; like for England or for Canada. Last fall, Google switched to only delivering search results >Platforms are in business to rule the internet and reap rewards on their terms mdash; before their competitors do. They are driven to make money from their platform and their users. These strategically-directed businesses may not consider you their preferred target.

>Three Essential Strategies For Social Media "Back-up":

1. Social Media Plan B: Maintain a strong presence on the social media that is favored by your target prospects and clients, but stay alert. If the platforms reputation is tarnished, your reputation may suffer. Be

ready to change quickly when the platforms terms, methods, or services are "updated." Help any target clients who are also users adjust to this transition.

2. Independent Presence: Maintain your own blog or website to preserve your ranking, searchable identity, and flowing online traffic regardless of what happens on platforms. A prime goal is to continually earn the commitment of a growing audience of target prospects and clients, buyers and sellers. Build your list of target prospects and clients through your online ventures.

3. High Profile: Earn and sustain a reputation as an expert. Pack your blog and/or website with "authority content" to draw and retain targets. Ensure your community activities are all about targets and existing residents, not about you.

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