Get Your Fitness In At Home With These Calorie Burning Cleaning Tasks

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Get Your Fitness In At Home With These Calorie-Burning Cleaning Tasks

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

"You know what I love about fitness. I love fitness whole pizza in my mouth."

Its an old joke, an eye-rolling joke, but one that still garners a chuckle if only for the inner truth of it all. And heres a nugget that makes it even more >Heres the good news. That cleaning youve been putting off can help you burn some calories so you can enjoy a slice or three or at least reduce your no-gym-going guilt.

"Does housework count as a workout? The answer: Yes Theres a reason they call it housework," said Fitness Magazine. "You can burn serious calories during a marathon cleaning session."

These are the home cleaning tasks - with one home reno and two weekend chores thrown in - to take on this weekend. Note: While youre figuring out which activities to conquer, remember to apply your personal weight to each.

Calorie-burning numbers listed are based on "an average weight of around 150 pounds," said Today. "If youre lighter, in the range of 120, then estimate about 20 fewer calories burned. The same goes for a higher weight: if youre closer to 180 pounds, youll burn about 20 more calories per activity. So, if vacuuming burns 200 calories for the "average" 150-pound person, then the estimate for a lighter person would be roughly 160 calories, while the heavier person would be in the range of around 240 calories for the same activity."

Vacuuming:"Depending on the size of your home, vacuuming could make a significant dent in your 10,000 recommended steps a day," said Shape. "In the process, you could burn 119 calories per 30 minutes.

Mopping: Your floors probably need it, and the best news is that this task will burn about 150 calories in an hour

Cleaning the bathroom: Honestly, we hope you dont have an hours worth of cleaning to do in one bathroom, but you could easily spend that time cleaning up to three bathrooms and burn off 180 caloriesenough to enjoy a treat after dinner

Scrubbing the tub:Maybe its only the tub that needs serious attention. This unpleasant activity sounds a lot better when you consider how many calories you can burn. Fifteen minutes of heavy soap scum busting can burn more than 90 calories and give you a great arm workout.

Gardening: Its time to get out into the yard and clean up the flower beds or prepare the space for cooler weather to come. All that bending, kneeling, and leaning means you can burn about 250 calories in one hour.

Get the windows sparkling clean: "Wash the inside and outside of your windows for 30 minutes to burn off 100 calories," said Health.

Painting the walls: Ready to bring some new color into your home this weekend? Paint for one hour and burn about 270 calories.

Grocery shopping: This may make you rethink having your groceries delivered or using the markets pre-order/load them up in the trunk service. A one-hour grocery store trip can burn 350 calories

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