Easy DIY Projects to up Your Curb Appeal

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Easy DIY Projects to up Your Curb Appeal

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Bring in seasonal color

Lets be honest. Some of have a green thumb, and some of us dont. But adding a little bit of seasonal color is easy and can lift your spirits every time you look outside.nbsp;

If youre not sure you can pull off the steps needed to plant flowers in the actual yard, think potted. A planter placed near the door can add considerably to your curb appeal and only requires a small dollar commitment.nbsp;

Pull the weeds

Wow, your lawn If youve been in the house for a month or more, you may not have noticed whats going on out there. Grab the fam and head outside. Heed these tips to make it easier to get those weeds out.nbsp;

Depending on how bad the problem is, you may also want to consider a weed killer. Check out some good recommendations here.nbsp;

Add some mulch

Your yard may look nice and tidy but adding some fresh mulch around your trees and in your flowerbeds can take it up a notch. For about 3.50 a bag and a little elbow grease, you can make your front yard look like new.

Put in landscape lights

The right outdoor lights can enhance everything else youve got going on. We love this Hampton Bay eight-light set from Home Depot that offers the option of three light colorswarm white, soft white, or daylight. On any of the 3 light color settings, it consumes over 80 less energy than a typical halogen light and has a rated life of 50,000 hours. The LED system provides maintenance free operation and there are no bulbs to change.

Even better, The quick-install wire connector means easy do-it-yourself installation that is quick and safe.

Repaint your door

This is an easy task you can complete yourself, and one that will give your home a surprisingly potent refresh. Choose an unconventional color like yellow or teal for a splash of funbut be sure to check with your HOA first so you dont get in trouble.nbsp;

Repaint your house numbers

This is more than an aesthetic issue, said Realtor.com. If your house is easy to find, help may arrive faster if theres ever an emergency.

Give your mailbox a facelift

Your mailbox probably isnt the type of thing you pay a ton of attention to unless youre focused on whats inside of it. Get some inspiration for your mailbox makeover here.

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