Are You Ready to Divorce Your House After the Quarantine

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Are You Ready to Divorce Your House After the Quarantine?

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

All that time together has not necessarily helped some >

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Its not something a renovation can fix

There are some floorplans that just cant get with the times. Not without a tremendous financial commitment, anyway. If fixing up your home to get it to modern standards or even make it more livable is impossible or unadvised, it may just be time to move on.nbsp;

You have no appetite for a renovation

Perhaps your home is a good candidate for a makeover but you just cant bear to live through it. If youve been stuck in a house you dont love or that no longer works for you, its OK to say goodbye and move on to something that better suits your familys needswithout the guilt.

Youre not crazy about your neighborhood either

You know what they say: location, location, location. Well put up with a lot in our home to be in the right spot, close to work and in a good school district, perhaps. But maybe that spot doesnt work for you anymore. Do schools still matter or are your kids older now? Is your commute no longer an issue? Or maybe the location has taken a turn in a direction you dont love. When youre no longer tied to a specific neighborhood, the possibilities are endless.nbsp;nbsp;

Its just too small

It can be easy to say that well return to normalcy at some point, but no one really knows what that will look like. If the quarantine has made your small space even more uncomfortable, and there isnt an easy/affordable way to add more space, you mnmight want to consider moving along.nbsp;

Its just too big

Have you been noticing that everyone is gravitating to the same few rooms during this time? One thing the quarantine is teaching us is just what we need in terms of space. Maybe that big, expensive house isnt what you needed after all. Time to downsize? Could be.

Its too old

We all love a heritage home. The architecture. The charm. The100-year-old everything. You may have had visions of making some modern edits to the home when you bought it, and you probably also underestimated just how many edits youd have to make or how many things would go wrongor how much it would costalong the way.nbsp;

If the emotional and financial toll of living in a home that is just too much of a project is getting to you, think new construction. Will you get the same character? Likely no. But you will get a house thats brand new in every way and a warranty to boot.

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