7 Home Items That Will Absolutely Make Your Life Easier

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7 Home Items That Will Absolutely Make Your Life Easier

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

A crumb and dog hair vacuum

We were at the hairdresser when we first spotted the EyeVac Home Touchless Sensor Activated Vacuum. She swept up a big ball of hair into this wondrous little stationary machine in the corner and it gobbled it all up. Clearly this had to be purchased for a home with three shedding dogs. Magic happens when you sweep with the included broom crumbs and hair and anything else collecting on your floor into the slot at the bottom. You can keep your malfunctioning Rumba. Wersquo;ll take our EyeVac.

The Airmega 400S

While this is not a budget item itrsquo;s currently on sale for 548, down from 849, on Amazon, you canrsquo;t put a price on good air quality, right? Whether someone in your household has bad allergies or you just want to make sure yoursquo;re breathing cleaner air, this air purifier is a great option. Technological advancements make it easy to use; the built-in air quality sensor can be controlled by Airmegarsquo;s app or by Amazonrsquo;s Alexa.

A hidden trash can

If you have dogs, and if those dogs like to get in the garbage, and if yoursquo;re sick of doing things like picking up half-eaten trash strewn about your home, yoursquo;re going to love this trash can. Not only does it hide away the trash so your pets canrsquo;t get to it, but it does so while looking good. Therersquo;s a nifty DIY tutorial here, but if you want one ready-made, be sure to look for a tilt-out version. Theyrsquo;re easier to empty.


Why are you not using Tile yet? If yoursquo;re the type that misplaces your keys or other important items, itrsquo;s a must-have. ldquo;Tile is one of the most popular lost item trackers on the market,rdquo; said Tech Crunch. ldquo;The company, to date, has now sold over 10 million of its Bluetooth-connected dongles that work with an app on your phone to help you find misplaced items, like your keys, purse, wallet, tablets, laptops, luggage and more. And because of the way its app works, Tile can leverage its community of millions of app users to help you find your device, even when yoursquo;re out of range. That is, if another Tile user is near your missing device, an alert with the location attached is sent to your phone.rdquo;

A gel anti-fatigue kitchen mat

If you have to spend time making dinner and/or doing the dishes, at least make sure your feet and legs are comfortable and feeling good duringmdash;and after. Therersquo;s nothing worse than sore legs from housework instead of a good workout The rub on comfy kitchen mats has always been that you can get cute or you can get effectivemdash;but not both. That is changing, as these GelPro mats actually have some stylish options.

Dash Deluxe Rapid Egg Cooker

We first saw this on vacation, where it was perched next to the buffet table, cooking up soft-boiled eggs for breakfast. Yoursquo;ll want one, too, since it can ldquo;perfectly cook 12 eggs in less time than it takes to boil water,rdquo; said Dash, making ldquo;omelettes, hard-boiled, soft-boiled, and poached eggs.rdquo; Plus, it can ldquo;steam vegetables, seafood, dumplings, warm tortillas, and more.rdquo;

The Snap SmartCam for home security

ldquo;This is one of the most perfect gadgets you could want for home security,rdquo; said Money Inc. ldquo;Though it looks like a USB charger, it isnrsquo;t. It is a full HD 1080p resolution security camera that will watch your home while you are away at work, shopping, or any other necessary daily task. No batteries are required. But the advantages just keep on coming. The Snap SmartCam will continuously record the activities inside your home, and when it reaches the end of its maximum recording capacity it continues by overwriting the earliest videos on the device. You can download the recorded videos is you want to retain them for your records. Oh, the USB appearance not only conceals the security camera, but it actually functions as a charger.rdquo;

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