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Updated: Monday, June 17, 2019

Summer Dcor Trends: What to Look for When Decking out Your Deck or Patio
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

This year, itrsquo;s all about color, texture, and a little something different. Here are the six looks we canrsquo;t live without for summer.1. A fancy seating areaWe love the intricacy of the pattern on this rattan set second chair not shown, and it was surprisingly comfortable. Beware red wine drinkers and those with kids: Those white pads ma...

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5 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Kitchen Remodel Design Team
Written By: Scott Merriman

Before putting money down for a deposit on your new kitchen remodel, you need to look at several factors including the years of experience, previous customer reviews, availability, option for cabinets, flooring, and other components, and the cost.1. How Many Years of Experience Does Your Kitchen Contractor Have?It doesnt matter if youre doing a ...

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What Happens When Your Sales Contract and Appraisal Dont Agree
Written By: David Reed

An external influence might be someone forced to >Most often the appraisal reflects the sales price. When an appraisal is ordered, the appraiser receives a copy of the sales contract showing the amount the buyers and sellers agree to. Before the appraiser steps one foot outside there is some initial research completed. The appraiser looks at rec...

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Save or Splurge? Where You Can Scrimp and Where You Should Put Your Sheckells When It Comes to Home
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

FurnitureThis is a mixed bag. You can get away with an inexpensive coffee table, and you may be able to score a killer deal on a dining table that looks far more expensive than it is. But when it comes to upholstery, proceed with cautionmdash;especially with large pieces. Cheap textiles can pill, rip, wear out easily, and stain permanently. Plus...

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Is It a Good Time for You to Remodel? It May Depend on Where You Live
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Increased prices on many items, ldquo;from tile to counter tops, laminates to lighting,rdquo; said CNBC, are painful, thanks to the trade war with China. ldquo;Nearly three out of four remodelers this year reported higher prices for customers due to higher costs for labor, according to a new survey from the National Association of Home Builders,...

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Getting a Condo Just Got Easier
May 2, 2019

Getting a Condo Just Got Easier
by Kevin Graham

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REALTORS Know What Dads Want In A House
Written By: Jeffrey M. Fagan

In my experience, when couples look at a house, dads head straight to the backyard, particularly if there is any kind of water or a pool. Men also focus on the potential of the garage, which comes in at a close second.Itrsquo;s not at all uncommon for garages to be carefully evaluated for their ability to store a specific length of boat, jet ski...

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What to Do with a Flooded Basement
Written By: Ben Bortner

After the power has been turned off you should try to identify and stop the source of the water.Common Causes of Basement Floodsbull; Broken Sump Pump: A sump pump removes water from your basement and pumps it away from your home. These are installed in situations when the water table is above the foundation of the home. If this pump fails durin...

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Buying a For Sale By Owner Home
Written By: Will Friedner

Nowadays, everyone is trying to save money and sell their house on their own. You can save money buying a for sale by owner home. You can also get yourself into a lot of trouble if you are not sure what to look for.PricingThe first thing to check into if you are buying a for sale by owner home is the price. Many people will price their house bas...

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Preparing your Home for Pets
Written By: Carol Evenson

House trainingPossibly the single most important element in protecting your house is investing in training your pet well. It can be a serious time commitment, but it is essential to keeping a happy balance in your house. If you donrsquo;t have the time to train your pet, it is likely worth investing in hiring a professional. Housetrain your pets...

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How to Make Time for Remodeling
Written By: James

1. Cut the Shopping TimeFor those of you who like to have a week of dinners planned out ahead of time, you know how much time grocery shopping for those items takes. You walk into the store with a list of groceries and you wander around the store from one aisle to the next picking up things here and there. It can take an hour or two just finding...

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VA Loans and Closing Costs
Written By: David Reed

Today, for those who are eligible, the VA loan is the best option for those seeking to buy a home with as little cash as possible. The VA loan does not need a down payment but at the same time limits the types of closing costs the veteran is allowed to pay. No down payment and reduced closing costs make for a powerful combination.Your loan offic...

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What Do You Need to Know about Congestion Pricing?
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Soon, if you dare get behind the wheel of a car in a city like Manhattan, congestion is about to get a little worse. Not necessarily because of more cars, mind you, but more expense.Let us explain.New York City is on its way to imposing congestion pricing, which will make it more expensive to drive within the designated hot zonemdash;Manhattan s...

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How to Make Sure Your Home Closes EscrowSellers Version
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

1. Carefully consider your sales priceIf yoursquo;re working with an experienced real estate agent, he or she should have a recommended pricing strategy based on area comparables. Pressuring your agent for a higher sales price could cause the home to sit on the market and, if you do get an offer, the appraisal may not match the sales price. ldqu...

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What You Can Expect When Renting Your First Apartment
Written By: James Stevenson

Credit and background checkAs much as you may want to, you canrsquo;t run and you canrsquo;t hide from a background check. Theyrsquo;re just part of the normal routine landlords and property management companies undergo when deciding if someone is an eligible candidate.Of course, from a renterrsquo;s perspective, this can be a vulnerable situati...

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Weather Is No Longer a Safe Topic
Written By: Super User

For real estate professionals, talking about the weather may carry an extra layer of complication: legal liability.In the rush to nail down all the details of offer generation or offer presentation, could casual ldquo;ice breakerrdquo; assurances like ldquo;this sure is not our normal weatherrdquo; come back to haunt the professional?Many buyers...

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How to Make Sure You Dont Fall out of EscrowBuyers Version
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

So how do you protect your purchase and make sure you get to the finish line? These four tips will help.1. Prepare yourself for the inspectionEspecially if yoursquo;re buying an older home, there are bound to be some surprises in the inspection report. The sale fail trend is particularly pronounced for older homes. ldquo;Homes built from 1959 th...

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How to Help Your Family Members Buy a Home Without Co-Signing
Written By: David Reed

Sometimes first time buyers donrsquo;t yet have enough income to qualify for a mortgage. This is common when someone first gets out of school and has yet to find a permanent job or the entry-level job doesnrsquo;t pay enough. When that happens, the would-be buyers would either have to wait, save up more money or get someone to co-sign the note.W...

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