Would You Buy A Home From Kanye West

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Would You Buy A Home From Kanye West?

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Among the controversial rapper/artist/fashion designer/pop culture phenoms recent flurry of eyebrow-raising tweets comes this gem: So would you buy a home from Kanye West? You might soon be able to.

The announcement of Yeezy Home was met with a lot of "Huh?" and "What?" and "Why?" but also a fair amount of "Hmmm" and "Wow" and "More info, please." Sohellip;not unlike almost everything else Kanye West does. And thats especially true of his most recent behavior.

He has courted controversy on Twitter yet again with his take about slaveryhellip;namely that it was a choice. The post-tweet backlash was swift as people quickly came out to condemn the idea. Huffington Post said he was "schooled on history" and one longtime fan spoke for many with his emotional letter to Kanye, which was printed by Variety, explaining why he was putting the artists music "on pause" because of the pain his words have inflicted. Kanye also supposedly lost nine million followers in the immediate aftermath, although Twitter says that was "a glitch."

Either way, he still has his fans, his followers, and, certainly, his apologists, and he may soon have a team of architects and industrial designers working with/for him and, presumably, buyers who love the idea of a Kanye-created home.


Why architecture?

But, who are they? And, why architecture? For now, we can more easily answer the second question.

"West first mentioned his interest in pursuing architecture and design in a 2013nbsp;interviewnbsp;with the BBC, said Architectural Digest. "I want to do product, I am a product person, he said. lsquo;Not just clothing but water bottle design, architecture...I make music but I shouldnt be limited to once place of creativity. He went on to explain that he was working with lsquo;five architects at a time to figure out exactly what he wanted. Later that year, he spoke to students at Harvard Universitys Graduate School of Design, telling students, lsquo;I really do believe that the world can be saved through design, and everything needs to actually be architected...I believe that utopia is actually possible - but were led by the least noble, the least dignified, the least tasteful, the dumbest, and the most political."

That Kanye arrogance is nothing new; some might say its even part of his charm. And, he does have an eye. His footwear and appa>


Who are the potential buyers?

Which brings us back to the "Who are they?" question. With so much emotion tied up in the homebuying purchase, anyway, does a home associated with such a polarizing figure crate a barrier right out of the gate? Perhaps not for fans, if they can even afford it. Kanye has expensive taste - his Hidden Hills, CA home with wife Kim Kardashian is said to be worth 60 million, and, although another one of his recent tweets said that the clothing line would be "working with the most genius-level talents and creating product at an affordable price," ArchDaily countered that, "Given the current three-figure price of Wests product line, the tweets are a difficult knot to untie."


So, while not much detail is known at this point about Yeezy Home, one can presume, given his taste in homes, that price points could reach sky-high levels. Which would leave many a fan on the outside.

Kanye and Kims home is gorgeous, if you like minimalism, all-white spaces, and an almost "cathedral-like quality. "The couple worked with renowned Belgian architect Axel Vervoordt, whosenbsp;clientsnbsp;include Robert DeNiro and Calvin Klein, to transform the property," said People. The publication also noted that, "West was nominated for anbsp;prestigious design awardnbsp;in 2017 for his fashion line, Yeezy, and evennbsp;pitched a furniture collaboration to IKEAnbsp;in 2016, though so farnbsp;nothing has come of the proposition."

His love or brutalism could also offer stylistic clues and design inspiration for Yeezy Home. "West also seems to have a penchant for Brutalism - the heavy-handed, much-contested architectural >

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