Double up Stylish Solutions For Shared Bedroom Spaces

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Double up Stylish Solutions For Shared Bedroom Spaces

Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Fitting multiple kids in a house can be challenging, and when they have to double - or tripl - up or more in one room, >

The obvious choice with multiple kids and beds is often a traditional side-by-side approach. But if youre looking for a more interesting or unique layout that has all the function with a little more flair, thats only the beginning.


How about putting the beds next to each other? Head to head probably wont foster an easy sleeping environment, but foot to foot might. This layout is also great for a smaller space because the placement of the beds along the wall leaves the rest of the room open.

"Gaining in popularity, this layout allows for more open space in the room for playing," said Apartment Therapy.

Apartment Therapy

If the idea of bunk beds brings to mind ugly framing with zero flair, you havent seen some of todays more modern options. This room with four built-in bunks can work as a full-time solution or a vacation home, giving each sleeper a private space with their own light control and storage.


Beachy-chic >

Elle Dcor

Building in two bunks on either side of the room allows the area in the middle to become a chic, shared gathering space. The fir-paneled walls, custom built-ins, chandeliers, and luxe fabrics amp up the >


Dont want to build in your bunks? This bunk bed improves on the typical store version with a modern and minimalist look.


Its Murphy bed meets European train car with this smart solution.


Cool and compact but still with a bit of whimsy, this built-in maximizes space and gives kids their own fun little nook to love.


Dont have the space to spread them out? Stack em up.


Housing two kids of the opposite gender can prove difficult if you want to give them their own space and still maintain some >

Interior Design Ideas

You can achieve a similar idea by splitting the room in half and using a bookcase as a separator.

Theme Rooms

If the rooms size or layout makes it difficult to avoid side-by-side beds, placing a softer barrier in between them and adding in color and texture can help make the space feel luxurious and more private.

"This shared kids room design begins with a black and white base in the form of a huge geometric rug and forest themed wallpaper," said Home Designing. "On top of the monochromatic base scheme, small bursts of glorious color cover the two kids beds and matching desk chairs. The twin beds are connected by a shared couch that provides a perfect perching place for the siblings soft toy collection."

Home Designing

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